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| Causes of genital lumps (on the penis, scrotum and testicles) in men, including pearly penile papules, lymphocele, genital warts, molluscum, Lichen nitidus, sores

Swollen Glands, Hernias, and Other Lumps Under the Skin – Check Your Symptoms

Cats will occasionally get lumps under their skin. Lumps can be caused by an infected cat bite that has turned into an abscess. Lumps can occur if the cat has a

Back to TopCauses. Lipomas, fatty lumps under the skin; Enlarged lymph glands, usually in the armpits, neck, and groin; Cyst, a closed sac in or under the skin that

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lump meaning, definition, what is lump: a piece of a solid substance, usually with no particular shape: . Learn more.

Lumps in the throat . This is a very common throat condition which anyone can experience. Lumps in the throat are usually harmless although they can indicate an

Lumps and bumps in cats can be harmless or a cause for concern. Learn about the types and when to get them checked by your vet.

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Breast lumps are swellings or bulges in the breast. Some are cancerous but many are not. Find out how to recognize breast lumps, and what they mean.

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By Dr. Becker. Today, I’m filming at my practice, Natural Pet. I decided to include my newsletter readers in how I go about determining when to remove lumps and bumps

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Understanding Your Pet’s Medical Diagnosis . By Janet Tobiassen Crosby D.V.M. and Theresa A. Fuess Ph.D. What is a Lipoma? A Lipoma is a benign fatty lump.